Jurnal yang dikelola oleh Institut Sains dan Teknologi Terpadu Surabaya. Terdapat 3 jurnal aktif yang di publish oleh LPPM ISTTS.


  • Journal of Intelligent System and Computation

    INSYST (Journal of Intelligent System and Computation) Published By LPPM ISTTS. INSYST publishes articles on all traditional area of artificial intelligence including applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern analysis, computer vision, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation. Area such as techniques for recommender system, medical image analysis, video and image analysis, face and gesture recognition, and other topics of artificial intelligence are also covered. Printed ISSN: 2621-9220 E-ISSN: 2722-1962

  • Journal of Information System,Graphics, Hospitality and Technology

    INSIGHT (Journal of Information Systems, Graphics, Hospitality and Technology)  is a journal in the scientific field of Information Systems including Data and Visualization, Graphics and Multimedia and Game Technology, Hospitality, and Computer Technology. This journal is expected to contain the results of research that can contribute to the advancement of the ICT field.

    Printed ISSN: 2622-1594 E-ISSN: 2685-449X

    INSIGHT Update Notice :

    1. Since Volume 03 (2021) by 31 March 2021 08.00, the layout has been changed to the new format. Please use the following link to use the new format.


  • Journal of Innovation in Visual Design

    JOIVID (Journal of Innovation in Visual Design) merupakan jurnal dalam bidang keilmuan Desain Komunikasi Visual yang memuat tulisan ilmiah tentang hasil penelitian tentang inovasi di bidang desain visual. Topik yang dipublikasikan melingkupi inovasi desain visual dalam berbagai media meliputi ilustrasi, animasi, fotografi, sinematografi, dan media baru, serta penerapan inovasi tersebut dalam ranah yang bersangkutan. 

    ISSN: 2621-4776

    For a moment, we currently do not accept any submission for this journal because of preparation of merger with other journal. If you have any concerns or want to submit to this journal, please don't hesitate to contact the editor of this journal. We are sorry for this inconvinience.